Fall Decor


At Petit Jardin en Ville, we believe that the changing of the seasons is one of the most beautiful parts of life and we are always looking for new ways to celebrate them. Just because summer is fading and the air is cooling doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy and entertain in your backyards, gardens, and rooftop oases.

As the leaves begin to fall, wrap yourself and your loved ones in these cozy throw blankets available in our Outdoor Living store to enjoy the crisp November air.

We love these blankets from Alicia Adams Alpaca because they are completely natural, made from alpaca wool sourced from South America. Alpaca wool is both lightweight and durable, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor space transitioning from summer to fall.

At Skargaarden, less is more. We believe that this Scandinavian simplicity is a vital component when creating place from space, regardless of the season. These leather and wool throws were made for harsh Norwegian winters, ensuring they can stand up to whatever weather comes your way this fall.

We have several cozy colors to choose from that will keep you warm deep into the waning daylight hours ahead as well as tips to help you style them.

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